Help us as an ambassador of the youth gathering 2017

Finding participants

Please help us as our ambassador for your country or continent to identify the right participants in the local Reformed Churches of your area (see step 1)
Youth groups or young people should then register their interest (see step 2 ) through the head office of their church at the office of the:

World Communion of Reformed Churches
Helge Seekamp, Henrik Begemann
Knochenhauer Straße 42
D-30159 Hannover, Germany

Getting Booking support

Get assistance for planning the journey to Leipzig. Our office supports youth groups with their travel arrangements: booking of flights, visa applications

Please register as aspiring participant at step 2 to get booking support.

Financial support

We call upon churches with financial resources to link up with their partners in the Global South and support their participation in the youth gathering.

Please help us as our ambassador for your country or continent by assigning at step 1.

Please use the following digital channels to contact us

1. step: Become our ambassador

You are a responsible leader of your church. You can help us, finding the participants in your church who could benefit from the global youth gathering of the reformed churches in Leipzig 2017.

2. step: Announce eventual participant

Please announce now that you are eventually interested to be participant of the youth gathering in Leipzig 2017. We will contact you to clarify all steps, you need to know.

3. step: Register

If you took Step 2 an solved all the necessary tasks to come to Leipzig, you should register now on our official registration form for a binding registration.

Act now! Follow our 3 steps to the registration!